Duke Design Company is an independently-owned and operated design studio, headquartered in Maryland.

We are a small but mighty, soon-to-be husband and wife team that merges visual communication and brand marketing skills with nearly 20 years of combined experience. From designs to decals, we have the solutions for all your business visibility needs. Our flexible hours, competitive rates, and proven experience help us deliver high-quality visuals.

Nick Crossen

Owner & Lead Designer

Hi, I'm Nick, but my family calls me Duke. I received my BA from Stevenson University in Visual Communication. I harnessed my artistic talents by mastering the technical skills of graphic design. My passion for being creative has never wavered, so I decided to start this business with a dream of becoming the go-to graphic designer for Maryland businesses and families. My dream is slowly but surely becoming a reality thanks to the help of my teammate and future wife, Chelsea. Together, we are the unstoppable powerhouse that is Duke Design Co. We're looking forward to turning your dreams into designs!

Chelsea Sheckells

Director of Marketing & Client Relations

Hi, I'm Chelsea, Nick's much better half. I'm not as gifted or skilled in the art department as Nick, but I have an extremely creative side! I graduated from Stevenson University with a BS in Business Communication. My passion for branding and marketing has lead me to working for some of the most well-known, global brands. When it comes to design, I'm the idea-man; I leave the hard part of actually creating it to Nick. When you hire us, you get my expertise in branding and marketing along with Nick's technical and artistic skillset. We're agency-good at a non-agency price. So let's get started!





Graphic Design is the art of creating visual content to communicate messages. Applying visual hierarchy and page layout techniques, paired with typography and pictures, Graphic Designers create content to help meet users’ needs and optimize the user experience. Graphic Design comes in the form of a logo, flyer, brochure, advertisement, post card, etc. Digital Illustration is another, less common, form of Graphic Design. Digital Illustrations are essentially paintings or drawings done digitally.


Before starting any work, it's important we have a good understanding of what our clients are looking for. For Graphic Design work, we provide our clients with a creative brief. The brief captures the important items like the deliverables, dimensions, due dates, brand guides, and budget. Having as much detail upfront will save time and money for both the designer and client.


Whether you're looking for small decals to slap on the windows of your car, tumbler, or computer, or large decals for your boat, business vehicles, or storefront windows, we've got you covered! Duke Design Co is unique in the sense that not only do we output and install vinyl graphics, but we design them too. That means you won't be stuck with cookie-cutter graphics from that one shop in town. With Duke Design Co, you'll get customized, professional graphics every time.




  • First, we create the design and cut files for the decal.

  • Then, we send the design to our large-format vinyl cutter.

  • Next, we weed away all of the un-needed vinyl, leaving only the final design.

  • Then, we prep the vinyl for installation by applying transfer tape to the graphic.

  • Lastly, we install!

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